Monday, September 28, 2009

Starting At The End To Create A New Beginning

"Well, I guess I made it." Those were the first words out of my mouth eight months ago, when I woke up in Intensive Care after a Massive Heart Attack. Little did I know how much life would change for me in the following months and how friggin' bored I would become while chained to the house.

After many doctor visits, specialists, tests, procedures, 2nd opinions, cardio rehab, and medications out the Wazoo,(by the way, anybody know exactly where the wazoo is?), it's been determined I'm not going to get much better than where I'm at right now. I'm considered disabled, due to a weak heart and COPD. So, time to get on with life! No sense in feeling sorry for myself. Humor has gotten me through many a crisis. We all know what to do with those people that can't take a joke!

I've began reading Blogs from people all over the country. Some are hilarious! Some are downright sick! We all have our opinions, I thought I'd share my experiences growing up in The Great Melting Pot of Youngstown, Ohio. I used to be embarassed to tell anyone I was from there. Now, it's like a Badge Of Honor! OMG, you survived? Wasn't that Called Murder Town USA? Does The Mob still run the area? Were you the last one to leave and did you turn out the lights? ...I've heard'em all!

I'd love to hear your opinions and comments. I hope this will be good therapy for me and entertaining reading for you. Until we meet again.


  1. Yay, Tom! Can't wait to hear some of your Y'town memories. I'm sure some will be the same as mine.

  2. Thank you for being my honarary First follower! Hell, I feel like Manson! I GOT FOLLOWERS! LOL. I wouldn't have done it with out your suggestion, you know. We'll talk about royalties later! THX.

  3. What a great way for you to share all your stories! Look forward to reading them!

  4. Thanks! I know you're my biggest fan!